Guests with Pets

Travellers with pets are welcome at Bundanoon Lodge.

There is no charge for your pet if you book direct with the Lodge either by phone or via this website. If you choose to book with an online travel agent (OTA) (ie Expedia, there is a charge of $20 per pet per night. 

This fee is payable in cash on check-in.

A limit of TWO small dogs (ie Toy poodles, Maltese, Jack Russel’s etc), or ONE large dog (Labradoodle, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle, etc) is permitted in each room.

The Lodge only has a few pet friendly rooms so it is important to consult with Ruth in advance (0409 233 999) to reserve a pet friendly room and let her know what type of dog you are bringing. Dogs will not be accepted if guests bring dogs without prior arrangement. Please note that the ENGLISH ROOM and the TUSCAN ROOM are not pet friendly. Both rooms are carpeted and are kept pet free for people with allergies.

Please be aware that your dog may not be the only dog staying at the Lodge and may not particularly like the dog living next door. Experience has shown that dogs can be disruptive to guests and to other dogs when in an unfamiliar environment so it is important that your dog is kept under control at all times.   

To maintain the peace and harmony with other guests and other dogs we have had to introduce the following policies and guidelines.


  • do not leave your dog in your room on its own. Even the ‘good’ dogs tend to bark, cry, whine and scratch the doors.

  • if your dog usually sleeps on the bed please ensure that you remove the top blanket and cushions and/or anything else that is not washed after each guest. Best to bring something from home to put on the bed if your dog sleeps on the bed and/or sheds hair. 

  • keep your dog away from the main rooms in the house including the dining room and kitchen. Melly-Amelia the resident toy poodle insists that it is her territory and doesn't like her home invaded. Additionally, male dogs fall in love with her and tend to mark the furniture as their own territory.

  • keep your dog on a leash in front of the building and on the deck outside your room so he/she doesn't walk into other rooms and bother other guests. The backyard is fenced and you are welcome to let your dog off to run around as long as it is accompanied by you. Melly will probably join in the fun. 

  • if your dog pees in your room or in the hall please clean up after them.  

  • tie your dog up outside on the deck (where it can see you) or put him/her in your car while you are having breakfast. Visiting dogs are not permitted in the dining room or kitchen.

  • pick up after your dog in the front and backyard. A ‘pooper scooper’ and compost bin can be found in the back vegetable garden.

NOTE: Guests will be charged for any damage caused by their dog. This may include but not limited to: professional carpet or upholstery cleaning; repainting of scratched doors, repair of chewed furniture.

Continuing to offer pet friendly accommodation depends on your cooperation with these guidelines.  Thank you for your understanding.

Ruth Moncrieff